Merry Xmas from Accountants First!

With only 8 working days at the Advisory Accountants offices before the holiday break, I was inspired to look for a summation of our year… Too easy I thought to talk about GST returns, PAYE or Income tax. Too boring to talk about profit and loss and facts and figures – there’s been a whole year of that! So, with our very best wishes to all of our clients, networks and their families, I hope you enjoy our little accounting countdown – an ‘accountdown’ if you will (!), to the holiday season we have all been waiting for!

On the eighth day of Xmas my Xero mentor sent to me…

Eight accounting standards,
Seven tick marks,
Six degrees / convergence,
Five MYOB licences!
Four pencil stubs,
Three cups of coffee,
Two much expense,
And a debit where a credit ought to be!

From the team at Accountants First, have a safe and enjoyable holiday season. See you in 2014!

Merry Christmas from Imran Kamal and Accountants First

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