End of 2013 Financial Year! A prompt from Accountants First

What growth does 2014 hold for your business?

Imran Kamal of Advisory Accountants specialises in Business GrowthA reminder from Advisory Accountants: Income tax for the year ended March 31 2013 is due shortly and must be it lodged with the Inland Revenue Department before 31 March 2014.

If your Income Tax is not filed by this time, penalties and fines from the IRD are quick to mount up.

An Advisory Accountants tax tip

If salaries and wages are your only source of income, let Advisory Accountants or your business accountant know because you don’t need to file an IR3.
For all other sources of income; large or small, rental properties or businesses, self-employed or Trusts, information needs to be provided to your accountant now.

But it isn’t all about the compiling and filing. This can be a great time of year to assess how your business has performed and make the necessary changes to enhance your performance for 2014.

Advisory Accountants manage your accounts AND provide analysis and business advice

At Advisory Accountants we have a comprehensive team of accountants, marketers and business professionals and a wide reaching and extensive network of lawyers, insurance experts, real estate agents, bank managers and more, to provide your business with the advice it needs.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are tired of your accounting purely being about the numbers, give Advisory Accountants a call today on 04 237 6825, or drop us a line at info@accountantsfirst.co.nz and find out how much better your business could do in 2014.

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